New trail shoes

For the past year I have been running in a pair of Nike Free Run+ (ver.2) They have been great on a mix of asphalt and gravel. I have clocked up over 1200 km with no real issues. The shoes are still in great condition, with some small tears beginning where my big toe curls upwards (I always get this problem with shoes). Their main negative is that I do get slightly sick of picking out stones from the grooves before, during and after a run! And they are not really suitable for running wet, muddy trails – on a recent couple of trail runs, where the ground was very slippery, I slid and rolled an ankle more than once.


Nike Free Run+ ver.2

So with that in mind I have just ordered a pair of trail shoes, the New Balance MT310. Now these aren’t top of the line trail shoes, (no expensive Inov8 or Salomon shoes for me), but they are from New Balance, have a sole identical to the famed MT101, are aligned with the Minimus line of shoes  (but apparently made from cheaper materials), and are pretty lightweight. And whatismore, the price is currently amazing – $49! So I wait, and hope, that these will suit the task.


New Balance MT310 Black/Yellow

Recently I have running a hilly 9km run at lunch times (mostly gravel road into 4WD track). I cannot wait to see how these perform on this, especially as things get wetter when autumn and winter roll in. My long-term aim is to run the Bedrock 50k next year (2014). I’ll be 40 by then so just starting to peak 🙂

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