Motivation (or lack of)

I am in a bit of a slump. For the past few months I have run about 3-4 times a week for at least 9km a time, slightly longer on Sundays. But this month (Feburary) the wheels have fallen off. I have had only four runs this month, and although today is a another beautiful late Summer/early Autumn day, I just do not feel like going out. I shouldn’t be too hard on myself – I had an ankle injuryI was nursing in the first part of the month, and last week had a 24hr vomiting bug which left me pretty weak for a few days. But now I feel fine, yet I cannot be bothered. Perhaps it is the timing. During the week I run in my lunch break. I can comfortably fit the run in, but then I have to work at my desk in my sweaty running gear, whilst cooling down enough to be able to take a shower. At the moment it all just seems like too much hassle. Ideally I would run early in the morning but getting family ready for school etc puts a stop to that. I have a new pair of shoes which I thought would help with the motivation, but I couldn’t care less about them at the moment. I think I need to sign up for an event which might force me to get out on these low days. I have my eye on my first marathon, however it is not until September and that just seems too far away to worry about. I did set myself a ‘goal’ on my runkeeper of 1500km this year in order to keep motivated. However, I am well behind (9% done after about 15% of the year gone), but I’ve got plenty of time to catch up, right?


My 2013 Distance Goal

My 2013 Distance Goal



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