Marathon training

I am currently training to run my first marathon, around the harbour in Dunedin, New Zealand. It is on Sept 8th, giving me about 10 more weeks. I had up until now been running about 30-40km per week, with a 14km run on Sundays. The plan was to increase slowly, mainly by adding 2km to my long run each week until I reach  32km a couple of weeks before hand. Last Sunday was meant to be a 16km run, but a week of snow, flooding and gastro bug threw those plans out the window. I got somewhat back on track with an 8km and 11km run on Tues/Wed respectively, but a big workload meant skipping my Friday 8km. Yesterday was my scheduled 18km. (Jeepers these Sundays roll around fast!).

I headed out in 0 degC weather at a pretty cruisy 5min/km pace. The sky was clear and the sun was glowing off the Southern Alps in the distance (I really need to take my camera in future…). I few frosty/slippy patches through the township, but then out onto the country roads which were pretty clear. I maintained that same 5min/km pace solidly throughout, stopping for a little breather at 9km (not that I was puffing, but just thought I’d rest the legs/hips for 30sec). The last 2kms however were a taste of torture. My right ankle felt very stiff and sore, especially on the uneven surface of the grass/mud verge. I made it home and immediately became worried that my stubborness in refusing to walk the last stretch home was going to have a lasting consequence. However, after a warm bath and a bit of walking around, it feels back to normal now (the next day). Although ‘normal’ does not mean pain free – but at least that stiffness/soreness has crawled back under its rock – I can still sense it is there though!

Work is (hopefully) a bit quieter this week, so I’ll try and make my target 45km week (last week was 37, with a missed run), in preparation for the 20km Sunday…

PS. My 1500km annual goal is not really on target. On track for 1220km, although the next two-three months do have bigger mileage lurking within them.


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